This is Salzburg's own local beer, STIEGL and i's good!       2016
We decide to go to the castle fortress early while we had plenty of energy.        2016
You can walk up the very steep inclines or take the funicular train to the fortress above town. 
We took the train up and walked down to take pictures.       2016
Going up the funicular (sideways train)        2016
A picture taken from the top of a few private house surrounding the base of the castle.      2016
Inside the fortress walls, was a well protected town that got rich from the salt mines found near by.       2016
This is a fortress inside a fortress. We did the full tour of castle.          2016
Here's a cool sundial that was off by one hour (day light savings time).       2016
On a church on the side of the fortress the church nun protects the castle fortress.         2016
The castle has a display of punishment items and the guilty would have to wear this thing.    2016
A picture taken out a window in the castle.        2016
A view of the town from the fortress overlook.     2016
I walked all the way around the fortress walls and this is still above the town below.      2016
This church has the monastery from the SOUND OF MUSIC and it carved in the mountain below the fortress.        2016
This church had a grave yard with very ornate flowers on the graves.         2016
An old cheese shop in town.     2016
This river bridge had locks that are engraved from lovers attached from one end to the other.     2016
A view on the river near the old city center.        2016
Mozart's House located in the old town center.       2016
If you have ever seen the SOUND OF MUSIC movie filmed in Salzburg in 1964 you will remember this is were 
the Von Trappe family was hiding out from the Germans at the end of the movie during there escape.      2016
I saw this eerie statue on this grave and you can see the building carved in the mountain un back.      2016 
This is were they watered the horses in the "Sound of Music" movie.      2016
Here's the castles monastery  also from the "Sound of Music" movie.       2016
I saw this memorial to Salzburg citizens who had died fighting for Germany in WW1 & WW2.
While in this park I saw a nun in full dress go by on a bike but I missed the picture.      2016
The old city center is loaded with towering churches.        2016
The Austrians are masters of the flower gardens.     2016
These gardens of Salzburg have a great view of the castle.
This spot was featured in the "Sound of Music".    2016
I took this picture as I was headed back to the hotel and it is one of my favorites of Salzburg.        2016
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