I took a train from the airport to the tram station. Then I took this old tram to my boat/hotel.     2014

This is my boat/hotel for my first 3 nights in Czech Republic. It was called the Abatros. It is in a great location, close enough to walk to the old town and the Charles Bridge. They are also proud of their Budweiser Beer it seems. By the way the Czech version of Budweiser is much older and taste better than the American version.     2014

The boat has a large restaurant, a bar/lounge and the buffet breakfast was included. I was not expecting this place to be so awesome especially, for 36 euros ($45) per night.      2014

My single person cabin was very nice and has a nice size bathroom. Heavy down pillow and comforter. It has a very large window you can open. The internet was much better than the last boat hotel I stayed on a few days before.      2014

The weather in Prague was almost the same as Holland. Cold at night but nice in the day time and no rain projected. It is a good thing it's not too hot because the hotels have heat, but not all have air conditioning. So keep that in mind if you go to Europe in the summertime.      2014

I noticed these red jalopies running around town and once I got close enough I could tell that they were reproductions of old cars. They were run by a tour company.     2014

Everything is written in Czech, but I was so lucky that most of the people speak English.

I'm starting to feel a little dyslectic after reading Czech for 2 days.      2014

It was still early when I turned the corner and saw a crew setting up a film shoot. After I took this picture a saw about 5 or so actors in what looked to be WW1 soldiers uniforms, Prague is popular for filming since so much of it is old, but in great shape.    2014

Even though I had already eaten breakfast on the boat, I had been watching people walking around eating these round pastry things. I figured that they are either salty like a pretzel or sweet with cinnamon and sugar. It turns out that they are sweet with options.    2014

The pastry is called a trdelnik and it is a Czech thing and I've never see it anywhere else in Europe. It was very fresh, crispy cinnamon and sugar on the outside and soft on the inside. Yes it was good, but the French have nothing to worry about.       2014

The Lennon Wall is now a tribute to John Lennon and people have put Beatles lyrics and worlds of peace and love on the wall. But this is not how it got started. This wall is in an alley way off the main road, but in the historic area. The youth in the 1980s would write disparaging comments about the communists, and really irritate the communist government as a form of protest. The government would keep painting it, but to no avail. The irony is the protest was against Marxism and Lennonism, and not pro John Lennon.    2014

This pub is right around the corner to the famous Lennon Wall.  Good marketing.     2014

 Not a long line to get in.

They make us proud!

 Some ornate buildinds in the Old Town Square. This city is art!    2014

A closer look at the center buildings details.    2014

The tower has a viewing area at the top and it looked from the outside to be quite a climb, but I was glad to see it had a direct elevator to the top and a great view of the city as well.    2014

This tower is so tall that it is hard to get a good picture of it.     2014

The Clock on the tower has a Glockenspiel and the skeleton pulls a chain to ring the bell. Inside of the tower is ornate but you don't see that much of it, This door way was cool.     2014

The Astronomic Clock is what is so special about this particular clock tower. It shows the winter and summer fazes and so many other things (see below). By the way this clock is 600 years old and the oldest working Astronomic Clock on Earth, Cool Huh!     2014

Prague Astronomical clock diagram from Wikipedia.

The tower I'm in and the church spires across the courtyard are the tallest objects in the Old Town part of Praque.      2014

A great view from the top of the tower.    2014

A view of the main Old Town square, way down below.      2014

People look like ants from up here. The tower is very high and can be seen from far away.    2014

The Charles bridge connects the two main tourist areas, and is foot traffic only.     2014

Sausage sandwiches are one of the main fast food items, and they have about 3-6 options at each of the Sausage sellers. I had one of the pork sausages for lunch and it was so good I had one of the lamb sausages for dinner. They put cabbage (a freshly made sauerkraut) and mustard on them, add a beer and they make a really good meal.       2014

There are cool buildings everywhere, it is hard to remember what photo I've taken.     2014

A quiet canal running behind some buildings.       2014

I was heading towards the Charles bridge. The bridge has a large

tower on each end that you walk under to enter and exit.    2014

The Charles bridge is full of tourists, statue and people selling artwork.       2014

Exiting the Charles bridge.       2014

 Some of the churches are crazy ornate inside.     2014

I did not eat at the McDonald's, but they have the best public bathrooms and well worth the 10 kr (about 50 cents). I had to take this picture for you Pulp Fiction fans. Travolta explains that there is no quarter pounder in Europe because of the metric system, that they call it "The Cheeseburger Royal".  A great scene from my favorite movie of all time.     2014

There is a flea market in the Old Town center, but it is full of tourist stuff like artwork, puppets and refrigerator magnets. I hoped to find a real market where the locals shop.    2014

This is the main city museum and there was a peaceful protest for Ukraine out front,

where the blue and yellow flag was flying.    2014

Here's a couple of the very old street cars. They have plenty

of the new ultra modern ones, but these oldies are cool.    2014

This is part of a huge sports arena. Behind this is a modern stadium.    2014

The artwork on top of the buildings is very cool. This is the Opera House.    2014

I decided to have a meal at a traditional Czech Restaurant. So I tried one of the Czech specialties, this is the pork knee that was baked in black beer and the mashed bacon and onion potatoes. This thing was huge and it was served on a platter. It was really good and tasty.      2014

This is one of the larger castles in Europe, but a little on the plain side for my taste.       2014

Walking in the park next to the castle. St Peters Cathedral is located in the center of the castle.    2014

The statues on the gates at the entrance to the castle are a little intimidating.     2014

The castle courtyard is very open, but fairly empty.     2014

This photo was taken from the bridge, I was headed for the Prague Castle.     2014

These tour boats run back and forth all day, but they don't go very far.

They go under 5 bridges twice and your short cruise is over.    2014

Well, I was just about finished with Prague, and my feet were worn out from walking on their stone streets. I sure missed my Dutch bike I had used in Holland before arriving here. The food here is very good and reasonable, and I really liked the local dishes.      2014

Here's a few night shots I took on my last night in Prague.

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