I picked my car up at the Dublin airport Thursday night and after getting lost for about 30 minutes and asking a few people, I found my bed & breakfast. It turned out to be very nice. I decided to get an early start, so after breakfast I hit the road. Good thing they have a lot of roundabouts, they come in handy when you miss your exit. Once I was away for the city, driving was easy. The countryside is beautiful and very green. It is very hard to take a picture at 120 kph (about 80mph) though.    2014

When I got to town, I found a parking spot by the river and I could see that the town was fully walkable.     2014

Kilkenny castle was right next to the river and I could see that it was a working castle.     2014

This is a very solid structure and it has a museum tour (6 Euros). I took the short but nice tour.     2014

I had to walk way out in the grass to take this shot, but it was worth it.      2014

The vast grounds and gardens of Kilkenny castle are open daily, but they warn you that if you are not out by dark you may be lock in for the night. very nice park.     2014

The side entrance of Kilkenny castle.     2014

They have little shopping areas hidden behind the historic main streets.     2014

The city of Kilkenny's largest church.     2014

I liked the courier bikes they had on display.     2014

Cool Hotel front.    2014

Traffic was slow moving in town. Very narrow Kilkenny streets.      2014

I don't think purple and army green go together. Maybe in Ireland     2014

I took this in the countryside. After leaving Kilkenny, I decided to take the back roads to Cashel.      2014

This is the castle ruins in Cashel. They were doing repairs on it.     2014

Next to Cashel's castle they had sheep grazing and there was a black sheep in this family.     2014

The little towns and fields in the countryside are really green.    2014

I was disappointed in the Cashel castle because of the repairs being made, but as I was finding a place to turn around when I saw this old church ruins and it was a great find. This couple I talked to had also found it like me, just turning around and you could not see it from the main road.    2014

A close up of the old church.    2014

This was a good time to get a picture of my rental car. An Audi A1 Turbo Diesel.  I really like it!.     2014

This is one of the One Stop Sign towns I went through.       2014

I saw this church in another village.The red door really caught my eye.   2014

This very old manor house was surrounded by a sea of green crops.    2014

So much GREEN and sometimes smelly.     2014

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