I took a train from Prague to Cesky Krumlov. The train ride was 3 hours and it was a nice view of the countryside, but not spectacular. The southern part of Czech Republic is called Bohemia and it was the prettier part of the ride.       2014

The trains are very nice, smooth and really cheap. The 3 hour train ride was 200K (or $10 US). The people at the train stations were very helpful and spoke English. In fact most of the people I ran into spoke English as a second language.       2014

My train cabin on the main part of the trip looked like this, modern very clean and I never

had to share a cabin on any of the parts of the trips.      2014

A modern train station in a small town.     2014

Bohemian countryside from train window.    2014

Just outside a couple of towns they had banks of solar panels to produce electricity.      2014

A closer look at some normal houses in a Czech countryside village.       2014

Here's the pension, I stayed in for one night. It was very nice, clean, and the room was huge with a private bath.

Price was 17 Euros ($24 US) and it was very quite and 5 min walk to Old center and 5 min walk to the train station.     2014

The town is surrounded by a river that snakes through it.     2014

It has a lot of small shops and places to get food.    2014

This gingerbread store made cookies and cakes, so I had to try one. Not bad.     2014

I saw this guy biking though town and I wanted to rent a bike, but I found the rental shop and it was closed.     2014

The weather was awesome again today, I'm on a roll.       2014

 Another nice view.    2014

A lookout point on the castle wall.      2014

This pass-though connects two halves of the castle.    2014

Inside the castle walls.      2014

This walking/bicycle trail runs along the river.    2014

This couple was fly fishing.       2014

The waterway narrows and you hear the water rushing by.    2014

 Most of the streets are walking only.    2014

They had a few antique shops, so I checked them out.       2014

I took this picture looking down to the town from the castle walkway.     2014

This town is small and it is still off season, making it a great place to have a beer and enjoy the view. I'm heading back to Prague today and on to Ireland tomorrow. It's hard to believe it's just day nine.       2014

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